A Hilbert Space Collection
a collection of fabricated artists who may exist
hillbertspace@gmail.com | 822 Ellsworth St, Philadelphia PA

Hilbert space arises naturally in physics and mathematics, typically as an infinite dimensional function space.

Untitled by Fred Arni 1937-2005
New York, NY 1977

Evolving since the early 70s and previously called R. Mutt Jr... space... while located at 392 Broadway in New York City as well as Peniche, Portugal, a HILBERT SPACE... opened... an 8000 sq. ft. garage space in South Philly in late 2002. It has been open to view by coincidence only for the last six years....but currently will accept email requests. It is the only coherent collection of unknown, anonymous, forgotten, unseen, reclusive, etc. artists, poets, filmmakers, collectors and curators... who may not exist... in human captivity, as far as I know.

Due to recent acquisitions and structural operational changes, the web site is being reconfigured. The recent acquisition of
Untitled by Timothy Riley
Newark, NJ 68"x92"
two large collections, Nora Gellman's collection of street art from the 50s and 60s and David Rothman's... collection of anonymous WW2 drawings... along with the finding of Cruthers Bancock's poems and drawings.... these acquisitions have fundamentally changed our publishing model. All publications, video... will be free in download form,rather then in hard book form... which is in keeping with one of our main dictums: art should have nothing to do with money...

Be patient as we reboot our situation... into new forms...